Ascension dowsing is the practice we have created to clear negative influences in your home and property and raise the frequency and vibration.  By creating the sacred geometry around your living space there is a merging of the spiritual plane of consciousness and the physical plane of consciousness to infuse peace, harmony, and balance within. Your newly sanctified space will set a stage for you to be supported energetically as you pursue your spiritual path. 

Dowsing is the ancient art of finding ‘hidden things’.

Understanding Ascension Dowsing

What is Ascension Dowsing?
Our dowsing method recognizes that we are all human beings on a spiritual journey. The spiritual journey of our life is Ascension. Ascension is a conscious and focused practice of raising our consciousness. This occurs through clearing all the karma we have created and accrued throughout all of our lifetimes. Karma is stored in our seven main chakras. As we clear karma, our light and frequency in the chakras increaseand we also experience a rising consciousness. This is our human destiny. It is and always has been the purpose of our existence. We support your Ascension path by dowsing your home and environment to correct and clear energetic drains and raise the vibration of your living space. An energetic protection grid is then created around the home and property. The intersection point of the six axis points of the sacred geometry becomes the centre point of the home and property radiating divine unity, harmony, and balance. As well, it is often necessary to clear spirit attachments from individuals in the home and activate personal protection. By doing this, we bring the clearing process to a full cycle.

Our Journey of Ascension Dowsing
We have been practicing the art of dowsing since 2013 when we became certified dowsers. As we have evolved on our own spiritual journeys, our Higher Selves have guided us to create a unique and refined method of dowsing, using sacred geometry and intention to create sacred space.  Ascension Dowsing is elegant and simple, yet creates profound changes for the better in one’s environment.

How Does Ascension Dowsing Work?
Dowsing is the ancient art of finding ‘hidden things’. These things can create health or other issues that otherwise do not have a simple explanation. Through dowsing, we can clear these issues and raise the energy level of your living space. We also do our part to help Mother Earth as we are able to clear the negative energies and entities on the land. We are connecting to the crystalline grid around the earth.

What are these ‘hidden things’?
Geopathic stress from underground water can disrupt one’s energetic field to the extent that disease can be created in the body. EMF or electromagnetic frequencies from nearby cellphone towers, satellite dishes; or from radio, tv or electrical transmission towers; and from electrical boxes and microwaves within the home can also create energetic disturbances in the body/mind. There are also negative vortexes that can be created from shifting ley lines caused by geophysical events such as earthquakes and volcanic disruptions, yet can affect your area locally. There are other influences such as personal and interference lines, negative entities, and even karmic lines in homes. Personal spirit attachments may also be revealed in this process. Removal of spirit attachments and creating a personal protection grid is an important part of this comprehensive process of dowsing; all of these things can be discovered and mitigated.

Benefits of Ascension Dowsing
Time and again, people report that once ascension dowsing is complete they feel happier, more energetic and that sleep has improved. Things that were a problem, such as avoiding a certain area are resolved. There is motivation to clear clutter. People report greater harmony and peace in their relationships. They often describe a sense that the overall energy in their homes feels of a higher frequency. Programming your home and property with intention draws the aspects of the sacred geometry together to create a harmonized and balanced environment that is supporting and nurturing.

Jan Thompson

I’m Jan and my passion lies in the ascension journey and helping people along the way. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and have worked as a teacher and administrator in the education system for many years and then in early literacy with the Calgary Public Library. I have always been interested in alternative methods of healing. As I evolved on my own spiritual journey I was able to clear karma and leave the wheel of incarnation. I have a greater connection with my Higher Self, who is also my guide.

I have been working with reiki and other healing modalities on and off for many decades. One of the things that were lacking in the healing arts that I knew about was the healing of our living space; the place where we recharge, rest and relax. We look to our homes to be our safe haven, hence, the creation of a new and refined dowsing system by my partner, Carol Anne Halstead, and me. Welcome to Ascension Dowsing.

I have much gratitude for both dowsing and reiki and I’m excited to see and hear about the beneficial outcomes that have happened for people such as better sleep, more relaxed and joyful atmosphere. It is a blessing to be able to better the lives of many and affect a positive change for the earth. Each small step can make a huge difference.

If you are interested in reiki for personal wellness, spirit attachment release, and the Personal Octahedron please visit me at ​

Carol Anne Halstead

My name is Carol Anne Halstead and I practice Ascension Dowsing in conjunction with my friend Jan Thompson. We both live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am married, a mother and a grandmother and have a degree in Nursing. I worked primarily as a Nursing teacher in various capacities both in the classroom and in clinical settings. During this time, I became excited about the possibilities inherent in energy healing, and pursued many paths of study and practice. I became fully certified in Dowsing.  

Dowsing was one of the modalities I studied where I could see immediate, beneficial and sustainable results in the individuals whose homes I had dowsed. Together, with our higher selves, Jan and I have been guided to create a new system of dowsing that not only helps to clear and correct issues in homes; our method also generates support for you on your spiritual path.  

As I learned more about healing, I also woke up to the fact that we are divine beings in human form. My spiritual yearnings lead me to my Ascension journey. I have left the cycle of re-birth after many, many lifetimes and now have a growing connection with my Higher Self, who is my loving guide.  

You can read more about Ascension in this book which I compiled: “Modern Ascension – Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates” or at my website:

Things are changing fast in our world. Let us help you feel more at ease and empowered in the places you dwell, as we continue to adapt to the enormous challenges we are now facing.

Work With Us

Distance Dowsing

No matter where you live in the world, we can provide this dowsing service. Distance Dowsing is a valid energetic modality that can provide the same high level of clearing and healing for your home and property. All that is required is for you to provide your address and a basic plan of your home. If you have a larger property with other buildings, providing that information and a basic plan will help us to ensure that the optimum clearing and healing is created for you. Once we have dowsed the home and property we send a detailed report of the process. We will then get in touch via Zoom to answer any questions and clarify the findings.

We are reminded about the basic physical principles of energy: that energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted in form. We apply the principles of dowsing to create balance and harmony in the home by transmuting the energy to support those living there. As energy knows no boundaries, this can be done in person or by distance. We are no longer bound by prior beliefs that we must be present in-person to affect change.

We are all energetic beings interacting with each other and our environment. As mentioned above, the release of personal spirit attachments is an important part of the dowsing process. As a result, Ascension Dowsing can be a two-part process: part one being the dowsing of your home and property, and the programming of the octahedron; part two being the spirit release and establishing the personal octahedron. We all have unlimited potential to create happy and fulfilled lives. There is such joy in clearing and creating sacred space for ourselves and others. 

Price $450 CAD

Ascension Dowsing for Home and Property

Base Price: $450 CAD for home and property. The four-hour process includes the dowsing as well as a detailed report with drawings.

Note: Larger or more complex properties such as commercial properties, condominiums, and acreages with separate buildings take longer to dowse and will be individually assessed. Questions? 

Get in touch below.

NEW!!   Octahedrons and Firewalls for Personal or Work Spaces

Let us set up an octahedron for your classroom, your healing space, your meditation room, your yoga studio, or your workspace. We will also create two Violet Flame firewalls: one for the technology and one for the social media used within this space. The VF firewall is a way of cleansing all personal devices, technology, and web-based sites providing a permanent and high level of protection against any negative forces.

$129 CAD from December 1, 2022

*Course:   Ascension Dowsing for Your Home and Property*

Learn how to use and work with our custom-made dowsing rods; learn how to find the 'hidden things' we have referred to above; learn how to clear and correct energetic drains; learn how to raise the vibration of your living space, and how to create a protective energetic geometric grid around your home and property; learn how to distance dowse other properties.  Become self-empowered in creating a high-vibration sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones. Become proficient at clearing the energy in other properties and setting up the sacred geometry. This course is open to those who have come through the lineage who are 6th initiates and higher and who have a Protection Grid and a Personal Octahedron in place. 

This is an independent study course so you work at your own rate. The course will be taught via Zoom as well as YouTube video modules. You will receive links to the video modules, accompanying class Appendices, and templates for guiding your practice. You will be supplied with a Dowsing Kit before the course begins. The kit includes a custom-made set of dowsing rods, a custom-made copper ring, and a brass octahedron for setting up the sacred geometry after dowsing.

Course Cost: $2100 CAD.                Payments in three installments of $700 CAD are an option

Special Promotion for those who have completed  Dowsing With Your Higher Self as Guide - $1650 CAD  

Ascension Dowsing Disclaimer

Dowsing deals with energy flow, energy blocks, electro-magnetic frequencies, geopathic stress, Hartmann and Curry lines of the earth, disturbances in leylines, and more that can affect our general health and well-being when they create negative influences within our homes. We work within the scope of our dowsing practice to help resolve problems that clients wish to address. We are in no way advising replacement of our dowsing services for proper medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for all health issues. As well, forces of nature such as flooding, storms, or other natural disasters may affect the integrity of your home and property. There may be these or other situations where it is best to call in a professional for advice on such matters.

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It feels incredible knowing that my house is now a beacon of light radiating out to my community. Just awesome. Thank you, ladies! 

SG, North Carolina

These ladies do AMAZING work! So grateful for my personal octahedron as well as for my home. What a difference in the energy. WOW!! 

J Johnson, Calgary

Jan, I really appreciated your wisdom and experience when you came to my 2 acres of land, my home and my forest house to dowse and clear the energy. It was a big job and I marveled at your capacity to connect with the land and the sacred energies. It was a beautiful experience and it felt like I had a much needed fresh start. So very grateful to you.

Jodi, Calgary, Canada

Since I live in the United States, Carol Anne and Jan did a distance dowsing session for my home and property. Seven years earlier, a home across the street had exploded due to a natural gas leak, significantly damaging the home and property. Carol Anne and Jan were able to clear and heal what had happened to the energy of my house and the land. That was amazing! Now my husband and I feel much more calm and relaxed. I feel "lighter" and happier and much more joyful. There was an extremely low level of energy in the house and now it is at a very high vibration. When the house's energy was very low, so was mine. It felt like being in quicksand. It was also causing anxiety. Now I feel grounded and calm, and yet energized. I didn't realize how I had been feeling until the old, stuck energy was cleared away. The difference is like night and day. I totally recommend this service to everyone, no matter where you live.

Tammy M., Ohio, US

Having Carol Anne dowse my home was a life changing experience for my family. My oldest son was having problems with night terrors. I was at a loss what to do as they were getting progressively worse, and we lived dreading nighttime. Carol Anne suspected there was some issues with his room and came out to dowse. In his bedroom exactly at his pillow, I watched in amazement as the rods parted. Carol Anne discovered a vortex and corrected the issue with her copper rods and crystals. We’ve had no more night terrors and that was over 5 years ago. The energy in his room and our home changed dramatically. We have since moved to a new house and I had Carol Anne dowse as soon as we moved in. I whole heartedly trust her ability to energetically enhance our home and create a protected, light and loving environment for us all to live in.

Vanessa Lyons

I was very intrigued by the process of dowsing that Carol Anne and Jan do.  I have had some experience with energy work over the years, but this added a whole new dimension.  I originally hired them to dowse my property to help with selling my house.  It didn’t take me very long to realize the property needed this clearing whether it was being sold or not. I wished I had done it when I moved in seven years before. The clearing of negative energies in the house itself was welcomed. But, the piece that intrigued me the most was the yard.  Although I am very connected to nature and love gardening, I had never been attracted to spending any time in this yard, which always felt very strange to me.  As they set the crystals in the four compass points, starting with north, I was very interested in what the result would be.  By the third one in the east, I could feel the energy shifting in the property. The really interesting direction was west, the front part of the property.  Jan and Carol Anne each found different spots to set this last crystal. They asked me if I had any input.  So, I came over and stood by three, thirty-year old, Blue Spruce trees that created a courtyard in the front yard.  The one to the west was exhausted and sad. We realized this tree had been holding the whole property for years and was so very tired. By placing the crystal in the centre of this tree line, it could finally let go of the work it was doing. The crystal was able to take over from there. And that tree was very happy and relieved to give up the work and give it over to the crystal.  It was the coolest experience to know this had such an effect.

My house and yard now had a calm, serene feeling to it. I felt content and rested wherever I was in the house.  My nervous system felt calmer and my health has continually improved since then. And my house sold to a wonderful family.

I would unequivocally recommend Carol Anne and Jan and the dowsing they do together.  They work together very well, each doing their work separately and then collaborating.  The result is a stronger clearing and more information for the client because they each pick up different things. I know they’ll be affecting wonderful change one place at a time to clear energy and make all kinds of buildings and properties much calmer and kinder places to be.

Heather York, Canada

I would highly recommend Jan and Carol Anne and the work they do in dowsing homes and properties.  I have had experience with different forms of dowsing over the last 15 years and this spring /summer I knew something was “off” again in our home and on our property. My health was impacted and all sorts of unusual problems were occurring with almost all of the systems in our home that use water.  We had technical experts in and worked through some of the physical challenges, but odd things continued to happen.  I also noticed I was very reluctant to spend time in our backyard, not something I had experienced before in the 18 years of owning our home. Thankfully Jan and Carol Anne were able to immediately identify some of the energetic challenges that existed. Together they brought creativity, talent, curiosity and great caring to working with me and our spaces, and they were able to shift the energies and clear both our home and property. I have since been spending way more time in the yard, have not had new system problems emerge and I feel my health is no longer negatively impacted. They are lovely to work with, gifted with their abilities and skills, and care deeply about their clients’ well-being. I feel very appreciative and grateful they were available to help resolve some very challenging energetic issues. They do great work!!

Kathy S, Calgary